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Although the Easter period saw us all have a well-earned rest we’ve also been pushing to bring the game to another level, which means we get closer and closer to the game we envisioned.

Sideline Labs and I have been deep diving into the statistics side of the game to make sure that the numbers in the simulation match is what we see in the variety of stats tabs available both live during the game and carry through the franchise, as well as the careers of each individual player.

The design team have been pixel pushing and polishing the overall look of the game to give you all a tight experience that will show visually as well as every aspect of the game. Polishing of all the cards, different screens, the match simulator are all starting to really come together. We’ve also started to design a lot more emblems that we will be adding into the game to give you more freedom in your team logo design.

The backend team are again working hard to tighten up the code and make it as efficient as possible, as well as make sure that the engine itself speaks correctly to all facets of the game.

Just as important we all strive to weed out those pesky bugs that although may not be noticed immediately we want to squash to make the game as jaw dropping as possible.

I hope you’ve all had a great Easter weekend and I look forward to dropping more information soon.

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