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The Blitz UK update is out now!

The big update is finally here for Android devices in the U.K.

A big feature, Manager Level, is now live, allowing you to complete individual and daily tasks to win coins, cards, and additional plays to add to your playbook. Also, Overtime has now been added to your matches. Huzzah!

Other patch notes include:-

Implemented the new major feature: "Manager level". - Fixed issue in match when team attempts a play instead of a field goal in certain situations. - Improved/corrected some in match player positions behaviour based on their stats & star value. - Fixed issue with the stat "Biggest win" not showing the correct numbers. - Updated the visuals of the lineup screen's background. - Reworked & updated the visuals & animation for training. - Fixed issue with timer display not resuming after a popup at certain times. - Optimizations of performance in various screens of the game. - Optimization of various visuals in game. - Improvement of visuals in player cards where text was white against bright background. - Fixed issue in match when an incomplete pass on the 4th down shows as an interception. - Fixed issue with wrong colors being shown when a touchdown is made at certain times. - Improved visual of in match ball rotation timing. - Fixed issue with in match clock not functioning properly at certain times. - Added overtime to matches that are tied at the end of the 4th quarter. - Added a player stat screen in the match summary. - Improved a visual issue appearing on the bottom bar at certain times. - Fixed a visual issue appearing certain times while upgrading facilities. - Improved ball kickoff placement in match. - Added a coin toss animation while finding match, to decide who starts.

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