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News from the development team!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a series of developer updates about how we’re all getting on with the development of Blitz Football Manager.

This week myself and the Sideline Labs team have been working on the match simulation aspect, making sure that the game itself is balanced in terms of the statistics that will be added during the live game. Additionally, we are working to weed out any AI bot decision anomalies that would be made in the simulator to get as pure and authentic match as we can.

The design and artwork currently in game looks superb but we also know that it can be better. Over the past few weeks, the art team have been working tirelessly to polish the assets and animations in Blitz to give the game an even more punchy look and feel, in keeping with our original designs.

Lastly, the backend team (the real brains of the operation) have been working their butts off to make sure that the code that’s been created is functional and speaks correctly to the right areas of Blitz. Without this the game would not work as this is where the real engine lies. I’m happy to say that, for the most part, we’re on the road to a polished version of the game which we can all be proud of.

Every week from now I will be opening up about our past week’s work to keep you updated with Blitz from a development point of view. In the meantime, it’s now time to dive deeper into the game itself with daily posts and talking points around Blitz Football Manager.

Stay tuned as thing are about to get ramped up on the road to launch!

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