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Introducing: The Draft

The Draft is a live 24/7 365 day a year system that takes elements of the draft system we know and love from “The League” and is designed and adapted specifically to fit a live mobile game. During the 20 day long season the lists will be updated regulary on given times.

Collect draft cards through your card packs and scan through the various draftees. Split into four rounds, each round consists of players with various skill levels at all positions. By upgrading your draftcenter will allow your team to access better draft lists and draft more players during the season.

Use your scouting skills to evaluate player attributes and draft him using your draft cards. Don’t take too long though as this draft center is live, meaning that all players are available, to absolutely everyone that can acess the list, at all times!

We’ve also got a special feature up our sleeve regarding the draft which we’ll announce later on.

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