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Introducing: The Free Agency Market

Free agency allows you to buy and sell players from other teams, or without contracts, in an auction style bidding system. Sell any players you want from your team to help finance your next push to glory. Want a quick sale to get some quick cash? Then put your player up as a buy it now option instead.

Search options for position, starting price, star rating and more can help refine what you’re looking for on either a local, continental or worldwide scale to give you the best options for your roster and budget.

Scouting options are available for your team giving you selections based on your scouting level. The better the scouting team, the wider the player options. Level up your scouting team through upgrading your facilities.

Did I mention you can hire head coaches also? Through the boardroom you’ll be able to take your team to the next level by hiring a head coach that will give you bonuses to suit your play style.

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